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Kindergarten to Year 6

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School Fees

School fees are compulsory and form a necessary part of what makes our school function as it does. Accounts are posted each term and reminders are issued in the school newsletter. Any difficulties in meeting school fees must be discussed with the Principal as soon as possible.

Building Levy

A compulsory and non-tax deductible annual Building Levy of $194 per family is payable. This fee assists the school in debt-servicing of a loan or a contribution towards a building project.


Accounts are issued per term and are payable in advance. Catholic Education Commission Western Australia’s (CECWA) Policy is, ‘Financial grounds shall never be the reason for the non-enrolment or exclusion of any child from a Catholic school.’ Cases of genuine hardship should be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity to the Principal, who in consultation with the School Board’s Finance Committee will endeavour to arrive at a suitable arrangement. All money sent to school should be placed in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, amount and purpose of payment noted, e.g. fees, excursion, swimming, etc. This should be given to the class teacher or the School Office at the beginning of the day.


Annual fees and charges including increases are to be set by the School Board in accordance with CECWA advice provided during the budget process each year. The details of all additional charges and information relating to the School Fees Policy follow below. Discounts will be given for siblings also attending St John’s School and are as suggested by CECWA:

  • 1st Child 0%
  • 2nd Child 20%
  • 3rd Child 40%
  • 4th Child 100%

Kindergarten fees shall be charged as a proportion of the first child’s fees.

Download a copy of latest School Fees

The fees collection at St John’s School will follow the following procedure:

  • Communication of fees policy at enrolment time
  • The fees for the year will be issued at the beginning of Term One each year
  • Accounts may be paid as one payment or four payments, one each term, or a fortnightly or monthly direct debit payment
  • Parents experiencing hardship are contacted and a negotiated method of payment is worked out, taking into account concessions and remissions when and where required
  • There is always to be recognition of the Church’s preferential option for the poor and disadvantaged
  • Accounts are reissued when the initial account is not paid. If fees are still not paid, then a follow up phone call is made checking on hardships or the reason for non-payment. At this stage parents are requested to meet with the Principal to discuss the payment of the school fees. Where parents have made no effort to pay fees, the following procedure is to be followed:
    • When necessary, at the end of each term the School Board Finance Committee (Principal, Treasurer and Finance Officer) meet and decide on what further action, if any, is required
    • Documentation is kept noting each attempt to resolve the problem of outstanding fees
    • Parents are notified that the services of a debt collection agency or solicitor will be engaged to recover fees

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