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Kindergarten to Year 6

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Parent School Communication

At St John’s School, we acknowledge that parents/carers are recognised as the prime educators of their children. Therefore, a common understanding between teachers, parents/carers and students is encouraged. At St John’s School, we use a three way approach in the evaluation and communication in regard to your child’s learning that incorporates input from school, home and students.

If parents/carers have any queries regarding their child’s schooling, they are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss the matter with the teacher. After the meeting with the teacher, an appointment can be made with the Principal if further clarification is required.

Communication Books and Seesaw are also used to liaise between home and school.

Personalised Learning Plan (PLPs) Meetings, Parent/Teacher Meetings and interviews are held during the year so that parents can be informed of classroom operations and the progress of their child.

A weekly newsletter is sent home so that parents can be informed about the activities happening at the school. The first newsletter of each term is usually accompanied with a Term Planner. The St John’s School Facebook page also provides regular updates and reminders.

The parent notice board also carries important information.

The open communication between home and school is encouraged at all times. Parents/carers are asked to seek information from the appropriate sources so that accurate information is received and queries can be responded to.

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