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School Curriculum

St John’s School is committed to providing excellence in educational curriculum.

Religious Education is the first Learning Area in Catholic schools. It enables young people to understand, explain and justify the Christian message, as it is handed on by the Catholic Church to those who follow Christ in today’s world. Through Religious Education, students are guided to study, research and learn what the Catholic Church teaches about the distinctive vision of how Christian people live. Students are also directed to a systematic and critical reflection of what it means to be a Catholic.

The implementation of the Western Australian, School Curriculum and Standard Authority (SCSA), Curriculum is a school priority. Students are currently learning from the Western Australian Curriculum in the Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Human Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Science, Technologies, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and Languages (Indonesian). A strong emphasis is placed on the acquisition of Literacy and Numeracy skills in all year levels. Developing and using Digital Technology capabilities is a strong feature of the learning opportunities within the school.

Our teachers set high standards and expectations for our students which are based on the belief that all students can learn. We strive to maintain a safe, orderly and positive learning environment, with a focus on the improvement of student achievement and an active ‘living-out’ of the Gospel values of love, justice and caring for one another.


Additional Educational Assistance

The teachers at St John’s School are concerned with providing all students with assistance to reach his or her full potential. When needed, teachers design Individualised Programs of work or if necessary the child will be offered small group support instruction. St John’s School works closely with Catholic Education Western Australia and local agencies to provide ongoing support for students.


Specialist Areas

Specialist education is offered in selected areas and these focuses may change depending on school priorities and resources.


Physical Education

St John’s School actively encourages all students to be aware of their health and fitness needs. Daily Fitness is conducted from 8.45am – 9.00am three mornings per week, during which time the students work in the areas of ball skills, jumping, skipping, climbing and running. Physical Education is a 45 minute lesson for all classes on Fridays, when students wear their Sports Uniform. Physical Education lessons encourage fitness, skill development and game skills.

St John’s School also conducts our own Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals. At the interschool level, St John’s School participates in athletics, cross country, netball, hockey, football, cricket, soccer and tee ball. All students are encouraged to represent their school in competitive teams. Regional Development Officers and visiting sports identities are always made welcome to share their skills with the students.


Digital Technology

St John’s School students have frequent access to a range of ICT equipment. In line with our aim of preparing our pupils for the demands of society, the use of computers will be integrated across the curriculum. The School Library is also automated.



Indonesian is taught once a week with classes from Pre Primary to Year Six. As part of the Languages Learning Area, aspects of the Indonesian culture are compared to the Australian, Aboriginal or other cultures, such as the Indian culture. This gives a wider cultural studies component, with the students gaining greater knowledge, understanding and respect for different cultures throughout the world.


Visual Arts

Children from Pre Primary to Year Six participate in a Visual Arts lesson once a week with an Art Specialist Teacher. Many examples of the skills and talent developed through these sessions can be seen throughout the school, including the mural at the front of the school, in the School Office, Hall, Art Room and classrooms.



The students participate in a Music lesson once a week and are involved in incursions to further develop the school’s Music program. The Drumbeat social emotional program, using African drums, is undertaken with ten Year Six students taking part for a ten week period each term.


Leadership Program

Read the Student Leadership Overview.


Co-Curricula Activities

Additional experiences beyond the mandatory curriculum are provided within school times to extend the range of student experiences. These include swimming lessons, interschool sporting competitions, incursions, special guests, coaching in a variety of sports from the Regional Development Officers, school celebration and activity days, including Communio Week, NAIDOC Week and School Assemblies.

During the school year, there are also a number of activities that are provided outside of normal school hours. These may include opportunities to participate in a variety of weekend and after school sporting competitions, special Masses, Graduation, concerts, Parent/Teacher Nights, Personalised Learning Plan Three Way Meetings, Report Interviews, Sacramental Meetings, camps and other such events. These events are always organised with the needs of the students in mind.

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