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Kindergarten to Year 6

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Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends Association (P&F)

The St John’s School P&F endeavours to foster community and positive relationships by organising activities for the students and families.  Secondly, the St John’s School P&F enables families to support the students and school through fundraising initiatives so that resources and equipment, which may otherwise be unavailable, can be purchased.

The St John’s School P&F meets three times a term on Monday evenings, at 6.00pm, in the Staffroom.

Parents and Friends’ Association Executive 2023

Chair: Jodi Reed
Deputy Chair: Amy Chopping
Treasurer: Censina Barndon
School Advisory Council Representative: Megan Clarkson
Secretary: Jo Blayney
Sub-Committee Members:

Kate Bailey
Kellie Burg
Leah Hirst
Lisa Husking
Kelly Mattsson


The functions of the P&F are:

3.1 The P&F is established to support the Principal to fulfil their responsibilities in leading the Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship functions of the Catholic school in pursuit of CEWA’s vision to be Christ-centred and child-focused.

3.2 The P&F has an important role to support QCE element 3.2 Parents and Caregivers – Catholic Education partners with and supports parents and caregivers as the first educators of their children.

3.3 The P&F should carry out the following functions in the context of their school community:

(a) collaborate with the Principal to plan, organise and promote social, sporting, cultural, educational and faith formation activities for the interaction of parents, school staff, parish and students and in doing so provide opportunities for community engagement, where relevant;
(b) support the Principal in the facilitation of fundraising events for the benefit of the students; these funds provide opportunities for students and complement the school budget;
(c) encourage parental participation in school programs, particularly those related to parent engagement in learning;
(d) act as a forum for ideas and discussion on any relevant issue that will benefit the students;
(e) act as a channel to CSPWA to seek advice or express opinion;
(f) liaise with CSPWA and/or parish and other parties to organise guest speakers for the P&F members on current and suggested educational programs, faith development and other matters of interest;
(g) in consultation with the Principal, conduct an annual P&F event planning session to establish focus for the year ahead (support guidelines to be developed);
(h) be positive advocates for the school in the local community;
(i) represent the P&F as an invited member of the Catholic School Advisory Council; and
(j) follow the CEWA Guidelines for P&F Groups in a Catholic School.

3.4 Requests to change the functions of the P&F to suit local context must be submitted through the Principal to the Executive Director of CEWA.


All parents of enrolled students at the school are considered general members of the P&F.

Friends are persons affiliated with the school community who do not have children enrolled at the school and who are identified as associate members.

The P&F is led by a volunteer group of parents, each of whom are elected to office bearer positions. These people are identified as P&F committee members


All members of the school community, as per the above criteria, are most welcome to attend any meeting.

When: Three Mondays per term

Where: Staffroom

Time: 6.00pm

St John’s School P&F Terms of Reference

Latest P & F Agenda

Latest P & F Minutes

Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA)

Everyone is welcome to come along to the P&F meetings to help make decisions and contribute any ideas they have.




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